Employees are your company’s most valuable asset.

Our mission is to create and offer the best Employer of Record/PEO and Payroll Company to Startups and Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses.  We value a high touch and high feel service that offers an unparalleled experience with companies and their highly valued employees.

Connected to Your Business Needs

We understand the tech scene, know our clients and our industry, and can offer face to face service that most companies in our industry cannot. 

EES is recognized and appreciated by our clients for providing incredible service, reliable communication, and an easy to use platform. 

Powering payroll for businesses across the United States

Leveraging Years of Expertise

We spent years researching, testing, and developing a highly sophisticated, yet extremely simple payroll and EOR system that is 100% online and paperless. We also offer one of the most complete range benefit plans that start as low as $100 per month.

Why Evergreen Payroll

How Can My Company Benefit From a PEO?‏

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Handle all payroll and tax reporting
  • Substantially reduce HR costs
  • Remove the burden of employee related functions
  • Top level benefits equivalent to Fortune 500 companies
  • Able to focus on your core business for better efficiency and profitability

Ready to Move Your Payroll and Benefits to the Cloud?

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